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First of all can I say thank you very much!  The session was brilliant - seriously I didn't realise there was such an art form to beat boxing - I was pretty amazed.  The young people seemed to really enjoy learning the skills of beat boxing and you had great rapport with them and made the session fun.  I have had some feedback from the young people:-


'Wow!  That was amazing - thank you! I'm off to practice at home.'

'I had a great day today - it was wicked!' 

'Beat boxing was the best thing about today!!' 

Sally McNamara 

Events Organiser

The National Deaf Children's Society



Wolf and Water have work with Turntekk on various projects for the past 3 years. The groups of young people we work with have always enjoyed the sessions. The tutors are all very professional and have a great working style with the young people. The range of techniques and skills they offer provide endless inspiration, skill development and learning opportunities for all age groups. Wolf and Water would recommend Turntekk for any group and any situation, such is the versatility of this company and hope for many opportunities to work with them again in the future.

Jules Walker

South West Projects Director

Wolf and Water Arts Company


Plymouth Music Zone

Turntekk are a fantastic company based in Devon, bringing expertise from an international profile. Turntekk offer various resources and training opportunities and work highly effectively with young people and adults. They are able to wet your appetite with the skills of using the voice to provide percussion and sound effects - a great tool for anyone exploring the voice or improving confidence in performing. Their delivery as a trainer is clear and structured and motivates you to try new things! Fun and inspiring, you’d be mad not to take a fascinating journey into a beat boxing world and release your potential!  

Bernie Artuso

Devon Sing Up Area Leader 2010


Alex Norgate has run several music workshops for Daisi, working with groups of young people in care. He has a great manner with young people, listening to them and their ideas, while quietly pushing them to do better, and exceed their own expectations – a really good teacher.

Ruth Cohen

Project Manager 



Arts in the Outdoors

As well as having excellent technical ability and an arsenal of musical tools, Alex Norgate has a fascination for sound that is infectious. Couple this with his natural warmth and empathy and you have a practitioner capable of engaging the most reserved and inspiring the switched on. Alex Norgate is able to coax out and deliver high quality sounds.

Andy Blackwell 

Creative Director

Arts in the Outdoors

The SWITCH project

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done for the SWITCH project. The  young people involved have all been in trouble with the police in one way or another, one referred to me by the YOT and now this young man and one other are enrolling at the Deep Blue Sound in Plymouth to do a Btec in music !  

Your input has been a key factor in this positive development. Giving them your professional input boosted their confidence and I think made them feel part of a bigger picture of this type of musician. Your advice regarding tailoring their lyrics to different audiences meant that they took responsibility for their actions and omitted swear words at the community events they performed at (quite an achievement).

 The performance in Manor Gardens as part of the Exmouth Festival was a highlight and gave them a taste for performing to a large audience (two or three hundred). I really don’t think they would have had the courage to do this without your support. This performance was recorded as part of a film about these young people and how they use music to ‘chat’ about their lives, communicating with themselves, their mates and now the wider community around them.

Your lovely manor with these young people made them feel valued and has led them on dramatically from having music as a casual past time into something they want to study and learn at college and with a far stronger vision of wanting to perform and record more.

Thank you, as well, for your support for the SWITCH volunteers. Your input has helped boost all of our confidence and the SWITCH music project is still buzzing with Simon recording and Dan creating beats through his loop pad. Thank you I look forward to working with you again.

Polly Anderson

Community Development Worker (youth)

SWITCH Project